Growth Track is comprised of four specifically designed steps listed below. Each step helps you move towards finding your place at Forest Park. Ultimately, our goal is to help you connect with a group of people where your life can touch the lives of others.


Step 1 - First Sunday

(Class is the first Sunday of every month)

Part 1: Become better acquainted with the story, vision and values of Forest Park. Come to connect with others and have the opportunity to become a Partner of Forest Park.

Part 2: Discover and understand how your personal and spiritual makeup reveals a path to your purpose. We believe God created every person with a specific purpose for their life.

Part 3: And then take your next step to joining a Dream Team by signing up for First Look.


Step 2 - First Look

(Guided orientation is the second Sunday of every month)

Explore and observe the Dream Team you discovered in Step 1 that is likely your best fit at Forest Park.


Step 3 - First Serve

(Scheduled by the next month)

Joining a team will get you scheduled to serve the very next opportunity available. You will shadow and be trained the first few times you serve, and will have support all along the way.


Step 4 - First Check

(Three months after you join a team)

This is the last step in the process. You will evaluate your own experience and talk with our First Serve Coordinator to make certain you are in your "sweet spot" at Forest Park.